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Welcome to Johnson Metal Art!

We are the Custom Metal Art division of Johnson Fabrication.

At Johnson Fabrication we strive to provide customers with a vast array of custom metal art products for use in both business and home settings. Our products range includes Furniture, Entrance Gates, Fireplace Screens, Signs, Clocks, and limitless amounts of wall hanging metal arts just to name a few. We have thousands of artistic designs to utilize in the build of your product including themes of 19th Century, Western Heritage, Spanish culture, Wildlife of all types, Floral designs, Fishing and Aquatics, Nature, Garden décor, Southwestern culture, and many more.

Our goal is to bring our customer’s imagination to life with the creation of artistic metal art type products that are unique to oneself. Whether it’s a welcome sign, or custom dining room table, you will have the opportunity to put your own ideas into motion instead of having to settle with the monotony of mass production. Each piece is completely customizable and will be treated with utmost care and craftsmanship. Please contact us at Johnson Fabrication and let us build from your imagination.

The Product

This site consists of only a small percent of what we offer. Please browse through the different categories to get a feel of what types of products we make for customers. Each product has the ability of being modified by either changing the size, finish, or even reconstructing the product altogether. For example, we offer artistic metal furniture for inside the household or business. The basic frame design of the furniture is built to the customer’s specifications and then the customer can choose what type of image can be put under glass to be viewed while stile maintaining the functionality of the furniture itself. Then the piece is either painted with high quality textured paint or heat-treat with a torch to bring out a vast array of colors creating a spectacular finished product.

All of our products are made by hand with meticulous precision. The artwork is created with various gauges of steel ranging from 1/16”-1/2”. The thickness of the steel is mainly determined by how the product is used. The images and artistic cutting of the steel is done by a computer driven plasma cutter. This process cuts the image of your choice along smooth lines producing remarkably high quality products that not even the steadiest hand could create. The artwork can be merely a silhouette image or can be detailed to bring the image as close to lifelike as possible. With that being said, you as the customer can take virtually any image that you see on this sight and have us make anything from it. For example the Framed Wall Scenes located in the products section are very good candidates for turning into coffee tables, end tables, entrance gates, or even custom bed frames. Or take any of the various wildlife images and create your on personal fireplace screen with your last name built into it. Options are literally limitless. If you don’t see something you like, please contact us as we have a growing library of artwork consisting of over 5,000 images currently. Along with our library of images we have the ability to take any photograph, logo, or idea and create a custom image to your liking.

Our History

Johnson Fabrication was founded by Chadwick Johnson in 2003 and consists of two distinctive divisions. The business started out and continues to build a full lineup of backyard, competition, and catering style BBQ smokers for people all over the country as well as the world. Upon the creation of the BBQ smoker business Chad quickly developed the concept of coupling this business with a custom metal art division. Customers are always looking to personalize their smokers with various names, logos, and pictures. From that point on, the production of custom metal art was put into action and now has grown into a separate division within Johnson Fabrication.